Surfside Cudmirrah Beach is excited to announce that we are a participating caravan park in the “Road to a Million” competition, brought to you by the Caravan Industry Association of Australia (CIAA). This is your golden opportunity to win a 1 MILLION DOLLARS!

How to Participate: Your Road to 1 Million Dollars

Entering the “Road to a Million” competition is incredibly simple:

1. Book a Stay: Book a stay at Surfside Cudmirrah Beach between October 1, 2023, and February 29, 2024. Make sure to save your booking information.

2. Submit Your Entry: Visit and submit your booking information along with your contact details.

The winners of the “Road to a Million” competition will be drawn on March 7, 2024. 


Further Information

1. Multiple booking stays are permitted and must be submitted separately.

2. For every night you book, you’ll earn an entry into the competition. Additionally, your entry will be boosted by a multiplier, which is determined by the specific holiday park you’ve chosen. The farther you venture from the state capital, the larger your multiplier becomes.

Zone 1 = 0 – 199km Entry multiplier of 1 /night booked
Zone 2 = 200 – 399km Entry multiplier of 2 /night booked
Zone 3 = 400 – 599km Entry multiplier of 3 /night booked
Zone 4 = 600 – 799km Entry multiplier of 4 /night booked
Zone 5 = > 800km Entry multiplier of 5 /night booked

3. There will be 5 winners, drawn randomly from the pool of all entries on March 7 2024.

4. The 1st person drawn will be given the major prize, a 1 in 250 chance draw to win $1,000,000 cash. If they miss the million, they will receive $5,000 instead!

5. The 4 remaining winners drawn will receive $1,000 in travel vouchers


Road 2 A Million

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